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Gold - a safe haven for investors?

25th January, 2023

Are you looking to expand your mind and your investing knowledge? Join Theo Casey for the Galaxy Brain Investor series, where we take a deep dive into some of the most important and interesting topics that confront investors today.

In this episode, Theo looks into gold - its role as a safe haven, how it differs from trading other precious metals and why, despite no country using the gold standard, it remains a staple for balancing investors' portfolios.

While gold is considered a safe haven, Theo asks who it is a safe haven for, exploring the historic events that have triggered the largest movements in the price of gold and examining research that shows how economic events localised to the US can create the biggest moves.

Test your gold knowledge

Scarcity is one of the factors affecting the price of gold, but how scarce is it? Theo looks into the history of gold mining and the prospects for discovering new gold deposits in the future. How much is the gold stock able to increase each year and what might drive the next breakout for gold?

Gold continues to be an appealing safe haven for both fund managers and individual investors. To understand more about the differences in attitudes to gold between European and US investors, Theo speaks with gold expert and fund manager Ronnie Storfele. Ronnie makes the case for gold in today's market and explains why the dollar is important when evaluating gold. Theo and Ronnie also discuss the impact of asset price deflation alongside consumer price inflation, how the current strength of the US dollar is affecting the potential value of gold and whether investors should change tactics in the current environment of interest rate increases and the increasing strength of the dollar.

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